About Us

CareerTech Media is passionate about helping local educators connect the skills gap in your local area.

With 3.6 million students graduating high school each year, and over 6 million unfilled job openings from employers across the county, there is a vast opportunity to help students find a better path into a promising and sustainable career.

With a combined 40 years in the recruitment and employment media industry, CareerTech Media knows how to help local organizations tell their story better, deliver award-winning solutions, and provide results.

Randy White
Co-Founder & CEO    

With over 25 years working in the media, advertising, and employment industries, Randy is focused on helping local CTE schools and organizations better promote their message to local audiences, whether it be students, parents, teachers, or counselors.  He is passionate about helping bridge the skills gap, and is committed to connecting young people to career opportunities that will allow them to best succeed.

Patrick Smith
Co-Founder & Creative Director

Patrick has worked with hundreds of national brands and businesses over the past 20 years providing employment & corporate branding, recruitment marketing, and media production. Patrick is excited to bring his vast creative experience and award-winning creative team to this important sector, and to help empower the next generation of students in their preparation for the future.

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